The Griffiths Marshall Foundation is an independent grant-giving organisation, which exists to support local charities with their funding requirements.

Who do we support?


We award grants to small and medium-sized charities in Gloucestershire which provide support and activities for children and young people who may be ill, disabled or financially disadvantaged. These activities provide a fun way to improve children’s lives through leisure and education, helping them grow into mature and responsible individuals.

How we raise funds and award grants

Funds are raised through the Griffiths Marshall Foundation community, which includes clients, staff and founder members. We receive charitable donations as well as proceeds from a variety of sponsorship and fundraising efforts.

Charities based in Gloucestershire can apply for grants by downloading the online application form below. This should be completed in accordance with the criteria stated in our Grant Making Policy. Only applications made via our online form will be considered. Please email your completed form to:

Grant Making Policy Grant Application form

Get in touch and donate

If you would like to find out more about the Griffiths Marshall Foundation, please contact us at